Joiwithfitness is committed to changing people’s lives by helping them adopt a fit lifestyle, so they may look and feel their best. We take pride in knowing you by first name (or nickname) because you deserve that attention. We believe that we all have differences, and that is what makes each of us extraordinary, strong and confident. We will strive to make you work hard every day, to realize your potential and to discover what you are capable of.


Joiwithfitness is a place where you will do great things for yourself in a fun, friendly and uplifting atmosphere. Joiwithfitness believes every person is beautiful, confident and courageous!!

Meet the Staff

Alice Scott, owner of Joiwithfitness, has learned to not sit back and want it to happen, wish it would happen, but, to MAKE it happen. Her dedication to making your Zumba experience fun and rewarding, is felt the moment you start dancing. Alice is a Group Fitness Instructor with certifications in Zumba and Piloxing. She is currently working toward her ACE Personal Training Certification.


Becoming a fitness instructor was never something she dreamed of until reaching her highest weight of 218 pounds in 2010. Alice states, “I didn’t like myself, and shied away from pictures. My entire wardrobe had increased to 1X, and this made it very depressing when shopping for clothes. I can still hear the negative comments about my weight gain from loved ones, or the stares of how much was on my plate.”



Alice Scott

Alice beat emotional eating, and discovered a passion for health and fitness with Zumba. From the very first class, there was no turning back. She admired the diversity in class, friendliness amongst clients, and the look of happiness as people worked out. One day, Alice’s instructor suggested that she get certified. She knew that becoming a Zumba instructor would help with her weight loss because she enjoyed music and dancing. She also loved teaching and helping others. The following May, 2011, Alice became a certified Zumba instructor. At that point, Alice weighed 185 pounds. Her goal was to make a transition right before the eyes of her class. Alice has said, “I wanted people to know that I struggled just like them, and that losing the weight was possible.” As of today, Alice has shed over 40 inches and 66 pounds. She is passionate about working with all ages and fitness levels. The most gratification that Alice gets from teaching fitness classes is from hearing the testimonies from her clients and seeing them smile. She encourages the women to hug themselves and she reminds them how beautiful, confident and courageous they are after every session. She believes “movement is life.”

Tracy Reif

Tracy Reif has worked as a trainer at Curves for 3 years, and is certified to teach Tabata bootcamp and Zumba. She is also working toward her personal training certificate with ACE. Tracy never thought or even dreamed of being a fitness instructor. In fact, the very idea of getting in front of people terrified her. Tracy's life changed when she became involved with Zumba and Joiwithfitness. There was encouragement, friendship, acceptance and love surrounding her. There was no way she couldn't be a part of that!! The look on the ladies’ faces as they lose inches and weight was so gratifying. She sometimes is more excited about their changes than they are!! She has a passion for working with the people who need a little extra care and love. She believes that no matter your age or weight, you can work out, change and feel better. Her heart for helping and caring for everyone will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe in her classes. However, she will also make you work to your fullest potential in a FUN atmosphere. “You can do anything for 30 seconds!!”

Angela Bradley

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Cassandra Edwards


3 years ago I found my rhythm, in the form of zumba.

I knew I was in the right place. The music, the dance took me to whole other place. I had to have more! I became certified in July and have not looked back.

I want to share the energy through my classes. I invite you to find your rhythm. Zumba will bring out the fun in all forms of dance. Join me and you will not be disappointed!

Ryan Hughes


Ryan Hughes is a dynamic, humble, and loyal instructor who's dance abilities include ballet, hip hop, modern, African, and Latin dance. He attended Columbia College Chicago and is also a licensed Zumba instructor. He is first aide and CPR certified as well.

Ryan currently teaches Cardio Hip Hop and Joiwithfitness is thankful to have him be a part of the team.


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